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Saturday, August 21, 2010

4H Fair

We went to the 4H Fair today. Lauren was dancing today along with many others from her dance studio. She did tap & hip hop. She did great as always. It was a nice day for it, not to hot. They had some games for the kids to play, food, animals, bouncy house, etc. Laci & Braedon went right to the games first! They were cute. Then Laci saw the bunnies & that was it! She's now begging for one. There must have been about 25 of them there. All different colors, sizes & breeds. There were 4 black & white babies that were 2 months old that she pretty much stayed with. Carrying them like babies. She loves animals, maybe she'll end up being a vet when she's older. Here's some of the hip hop dance, my camera died so I wasn't able to get some of her tap.
Braedon watching to see if he's a winner.BowlingI thought this was pretty cool. Instead of sand they used corn. The kids liked it too!Another nice day with the kids. They didn't want to leave. As long as they are happy & having fun then Mom is happy!


  1. great seeing you at the fair!!! we loved watching the dances..Lauren did a great job, such a natural!!!

  2. It was good seeing u too! And thank-you about Lauren!!


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